Congratulations!! You have launched your business and you even have leads & some sales. To get to this point, you have taken courses, consumed content, spent money, set up marketing, talked to prospects about your business and there is still something consistently missing.
When you started your business, you didn't do it to become a sales person. And managing the sales aspect of your business can initially be overwhelming, stressful, and hopeless. If this sounds like you...
→ You've gathered leads from social media, email marketing and in-person networking - how do you move those connections into a sales conversation and close the sale without feeling like an icky sales person?
→ You get to the part where you ask for the sale and have knots in your stomach because you hope they just say yes. And when they say no, you just don't know where to go with the conversation.
→ You know you offer an amazing service/product but sales just isn't your jam OR you don't feel you have a clear package to pitch. Do you regularly think about the day when you can just hire someone to do it for you?!

Sales is how you will get there and

Let me show you how... 



This is how you'll quickly get past your current sales struggles

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You very likely love creating, teaching, and talking about what you're most passionate about -- this is fun! And you might even think networking and meeting new people is fun. But sales is not, unless you have sales training or experience. But if you want to run a sustainable business that actually puts money in your pocket, you have to become a bomb sales person.

It is time to move your business beyond just a dream. The world is waiting for what you have to offer. You can’t avoid becoming an amazing sales person or just pass the task off to someone else. If you can’t sell, how do you expect to grow? And all of the awesome programs and beautiful social media posts mean nothing if you can’t keep the lights on.

Mastering sales is the most critical skill you need in order to scale or launch your business. It might not be fun at first but it can be AND it doesn’t have to be hard.

Clarity, confidence and connection. These are the compass points that guide you to the success that your business needs. That’s what the Soulful Sales Success Experience is all about. You will walk away with insight on how 


There are less than 10 spots available now. This intimate experience is for a select few small business owners who are willing to get vulnerable, get real, and get to work. You'll walk away with a new way to think about sales, a customized strategy that makes selling feel soul aligned, and the confidence you need to close deal after deal. You in?


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Previously called the Sales Success Map Program for People Who Hate Selling

meet your host & get the deets

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Alison Proffit

Sales Strategy Coach

Founder, Proffit Coach

Alison Proffit teaches small business owners how to become more effective in the sales aspect of their business. Her work focuses on becoming more clear on where the breakdown is, creating a sales process that resonates with them so that they can go into sales conversations more confidently and then have a plan to follow through on the connections that have been made.

Alison attempted to start her own coaching business 4 times. The key word there was "attempted". Each of these attempts failed. Primarily because of a lack of knowledge of what it meant to be a good sales person. Having worked in the HR field for 16 years and receiving coaching certification, the business ideas were good ones and the services that she offered created good results for her clients. It was merely, the lack of consistent sales meant the business did not succeed and the focus had to be turned back to a corporate job to pay the bills. 

That is until, a company saw potential in Alison's ability to sell. She was offered an inside sales job at Constant Contact selling digital marketing tools and services to small businesses. They saw the potential that she did not even fully recognize in herself. They provided amazing training and insight on how to sell effectively. Alison quickly rose to become a top sales performer and learned more about small businesses: what makes them tick, succeed and thrive.

The overall theme: Sales is like oxygen for a company. Without it, your business will cease to exist. 

With this newfound knowledge of sales and marketing, Alison started her business again. The focus this time was on helping small business owners, like you, become rock star sales people. If she can do it, you can learn to as well! This time it was easy. Making sales was fun and her quick path to profitability caused people to want to know her secret to success. Hint- it wasn't just because of her last name!

Alison fully understands how businesses function, what contributes to organizational success and how to help you tap into your fullest potential. With years spent in training and development in the corporate world and being a small business owner herself, you will be in good hands with the Proffit Coach!





To start 2 hour on-boarding session with Alison to discuss your offerings/packages, pricing, current sales strategy and what your personal goals are upon completion of this program

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Week 1

Introduction to Proffit Coach's  Soulful Sales Success Experience. Breaking down components of a solid & authentic sales conversation and what skills you already possess to support your sales success

Meet your peers & Sales Coach Extraordinaire, Ms. Proffit!

Week 2

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A workshop to dive deeper into which components of the sales process you need to strengthen. 

You will see how sales can be more heart-centered by this week!

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Week 3 & 4

Two 1:1 calls with Alison Proffit to discuss your customized Soulful Sales Script. We co-create a script that you can use as a supportive tool to have confident and authentic sales calls. This often ends up being a great framework for marketing copy as well!

This week has resulted in major breakthroughs for all participants. The level of confidence following this session soars.

Optional Group call to check-in, ask questions, share wins, etc.

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Week 7

Integration Week

Get out there and practice

Alison will be available for support as needed.

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Week 6

By now you will have had opportunities to practice your new approach with real prospects. In this session, we will do additional practicing, you will report on wins, share areas for on-going opportunity and strengths to lean on. 

You should be feeling more confident in your sales conversations!

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Week 5

Honing the script*. We will practice and get feedback from the group on your newly polished sales process & script. 

*Don't worry when we say sales script, it does not mean that your convos need to be robotic. The script provides guidance to ensure you are not getting lost in the sauce. It will also help you gather the info you need to make a compelling "ask for the sale"

Weeks 8-12

These final sessions will be bonus trainings to help you with tools and strategies to help you continue on your road to Soulful Sales Success.

Topics may include:

  • Social Media

  • Money Mindset

  • Financial Goal Setting

  • Website design

  • Email Marketing

Fun will be a part of each session!



We move into this phase once you have reflected and we have gained a clear picture of where your gaps are.

You will receive a Soulful Sales Script customized with some suggested language for you which will take the guesswork out of what an effective sales conversation looks like. Before or during this stage, we will also review into your pricing strategy to ensure that you are able to speak clearly and confidently about your offerings and their value in the next stage.

Soulful Sales Success Experience



You are going to become aware of where you might have gaps in your current sales process. You will also get a sense of what skills and experience you already have that translate into being a great sales person!

Certified Coach, Alison Proffit, will help uncover your pain points and limiting beliefs related to sales through the first 2 weeks of masterclasses and a private 1-on-1 coaching session.  


The awareness step is like looking at a map to understand where you are so we can plan where to go next.

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This is a crucial skill to have in sales, especially when you get to the fork in the road where someone says no to your "pitch". If you have value to offer and have connected the dots on the pain points you solve, you are over halfway to closing more sales. The key is presenting the ROI so they decide to buy. There is some science (read: psychology) behind this part.

 Working in the sessions, we will help you design & practice some sales strategies. You can implement these immediately in order to increase your profits without feeling like a slimy sales person.

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We will hit on the theme of connection throughout the entire Experience. 

Maintaining connection with the potential client throughout the entire process is the true art of sales. There will be another private 1-on-1 coaching session, prior to the end of the 12 week session. We will focus on practicing the art of connection and also discuss some marketing strategies that you can implement.

Steve M.jpg

“Alison helped me see where I was letting sales fall off the table, when all I needed to do was dive a bit deeper into the customers objection. Using the confidence & sales skills that she helped me develop and apply, I have consistently closed sales at rates higher than I had in the past few years of being in business.”

- Steve M.

Owner, Construction Consulting Company


What's Included


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December 2020

Online Mastermind


We're Including All The Things!

  • 6 HOURS of Private Coaching/Strategy Sessions w/ Alison Proffit (Value: $7000)

  • 9 Weeks of Live Group Sessions (Value: $1297)

  • Facilitated Role Playing so you can practice and increase confidence in your sales conversations (Value: $800)

  • Sales Conversation Map Training to take the guesswork out of selling (Value: $297)

  • Energy Leadership Index & Debrief to aid with busting through mindset blocks (Value: $300)

  • Easy to follow Customized and Co-Created Sales Script that will help you convert clients...you won't ever bumble around trying to find the right words (Value: $1500)

  • 2 Hour Marketing Strategy Session (Value: $150)

  • 1 Month of Customized Social Media Content* (Value: $895)

  • Community + Accountability (Value: PRICELESS)

  • 24/7 Email Support during program

  • Plus - additional bonus content around marketing, operations and money mindset provided throughout the program!

Total value if purchased separately: $10,000+

Let's Talk Money :)



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* Social Media Content not provided until payment plan is completed


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Curious about the Return on Investment?​

We really want you to see a significant return on your investment. That is why one of the first things we will do is look at your pricing strategy, your marketing and how you are currently engaging and converting. I know that you will see an increase in your sales skills fairly quickly. 

One of our clients made a one-call close on a $6K sale on a lead that found them on a Google search! This client was not even spending money on any paid advertisement or SEO and he attributes this with the work that we did in this program together.

He got more than 2x his investment!**

These are skills you will use in your business forever.


Wondering if this is the right fit?