Does your business excite you but the sales aspect of it causes so much stress?​


Have you struggled with how to close sales consistently and just wished you had more clarity around what might be going awry?

Are you tired of pouring money into marketing and still not converting the leads you have?

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Hi Friend! I am so happy you're here! To start this off I want to make a BOLD statement!
Sales does not have to be stressful. In fact, it actually can be really fun!
Stick with me here. 
I know that you would rather be doing the work you love as opposed to selling, but as you may already know, selling your service is an integral part of your business. If you don't know how to sell, then your business can't reach its full potential.
YOU DESERVE to succeed and flourish as well as share the gifts and talents you were put on this Earth to use. 
Can I be direct for a moment?
  • without being slimy
  • without losing integrity
  • without feeling stressed
Why do I know this? Because I was just like you! I struggled with asking for the sale and I struggled with maintaining confidence throughout the call. Now, I welcome sales calls, and I'm so happy to be able to serve and share the tools that I use to help other service-based businesses succeed also!
Check out the list below and tell me...Does this sound like you?
→ You've gathered leads from social media, email marketing and in-person networking - and now you are wondering what the heck are your sales conversations even going to sound like.
→ You have found yourself saying that you are just going to hire someone to do sales for you because you can't seem to figure out how to sell. 
→ You know you can learn how to do anything and just have not found the tools or knowledge that truly connects the dots. 

Sales is all about

Clarity, Confidence & Connection!

The Shifting Sales From Stressful to Fun Online Course was created with you in mind because I know you can do whatever you put your mind to. I mean you TOOK THE LEAP and started a business and most people only ever DREAM of doing this. You actually DID IT!

Let me show you the path to heart-centered sales... 


"The energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued: when they can give and receive without judgement; and when thy derive sustenance and strength from the relationship."


Brené Brown

  1. See why Sales is fun, instead of something stressful
  2. Gain clarity on how to identify what unconscious thoughts might be limiting your ability to have effective sales conversations
  3. Increase confidence which will lead to closing more sales
  4. Learn from an expert who's been there, and can guide you through the process with a heart-centered approach
  5. Be equipped with tools to better understand where your sales conversations might be going awry
  6. Understand how to leverage your listening skills to build deeper connection which results in more sales
  7. Learn how to create connection even during the part where you are handling objections
  8. Learn how to have a plan to gather information early on in the conversation to help you overcome the dreaded "no"
  9. Increase your ability to navigate the sales conversation from a place of love, integrity and service
  10. Be better prepared to MAKE A LOT. MORE. MONEY!

It is time to move your business beyond just a dream. The world is waiting for what you have to offer. 

Mastering sales is the most critical skill you need in order to scale or launch your business. It might not be fun at first but it can be AND it doesn’t have to be hard.

What are you waiting for? This is a 12 module self-paced online course that will teach you the aspects of selling that actually work for service based businesses who are excited to serve the heck out of their clients.

The good stuff is just a few clicks away.

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12 Sessions Stacked with Sales Knowledge


  • Welcome & Overview

  • 3 C's of Sales Success

  • Energy of Sales

  • Components of Effective Sales Conversations Overview

    • Introduction & Early Brush-Offs

    • Customer Discovery

    • Recap

    • Value Presentation & Energetic Buy-In

    • Asking for the Sale

    • Clarifying Objections & Re-pitch Path

    • Setting "Homework" & Follow-Up

  • The Power of Scripting & Practice​


Upon completion of the self-guided course a special bonus is unlocked.
A 1:1 session with Alison Proffit will be unlocked at the end of the course to review any remaining questions you have surrounding your sales conversations.
Clients always walk away from sessions with new insights & tips!
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“Alison helped me see where I was letting sales fall off the table, when all I needed to do was dive a bit deeper into the customers objection. Using the confidence & sales skills that she helped me develop and apply, I have consistently closed sales at rates higher than I had in the past few years of being in business.”

- Steve M.

Owner, Construction Consulting Company



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Course Access Granted Immediately

Online Self- Paced Learning Portal


What's Included

We're Including All The Things!

  • 12 Recorded Training Modules w/ Alison Proffit 

  • Examples of Phrases provided throughout the training to help you understand what certain parts of your convos could sound like

  • Worksheets that you can use to guide your growth & create your conversation framework 

  • Access to special offers to help further enhance your ability to sell with less stress. Be sure to opt-in to the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment at checkout and save 15% on this game changing mindset tool!

  • 1 HOUR of Private Coaching/Strategy Sessions w/ Alison Proffit

  • Access to a FB group community of Proffit Coach clients- others who are also learning to sell in a more authentic and heart-centered way


The Investment


Use code: 1980ROCKS at check out to save $99! This is a special sale in honor of my 40th birthday for a limited time...get it before it goes out of style.

Don't forget to add an ELI Assessment & Debrief at checkout to save on this game changing tool!



Wondering if this is the right fit? 

meet your host

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Alison Proffit

Sales Strategy Coach

Founder, Proffit Coach

Alison Proffit teaches small business owners how to become more effective in the sales aspect of their business. Her work focuses on becoming more clear on where the breakdown is, creating a sales process that resonates with them so that they can go into sales conversations more confidently and then have a plan to follow through on the connections that have been made.

Alison attempted to start her own coaching business 4 times. The key word there was "attempted". Each of these attempts failed. Primarily because of a lack of knowledge of what it meant to be a good sales person. Having worked in the HR field for 16 years and receiving coaching certification, the business ideas were good ones and the services that she offered created good results for her clients. It was merely, the lack of consistent sales meant the business did not succeed and the focus had to be turned back to a corporate job to pay the bills. 

That is until, a company saw potential in Alison's ability to sell. She was offered an inside sales job at Constant Contact selling digital marketing tools and services to small businesses. They saw the potential that she did not even fully recognize in herself. They provided amazing training and insight on how to sell effectively. Alison quickly rose to become a top sales performer and learned more about small businesses: what makes them tick, succeed and thrive.

The overall theme: Sales is like oxygen for a company. Without it, your business will cease to exist. 

With this newfound knowledge of sales and marketing, Alison started her business again. The focus this time was on helping small business owners, like you, become rock star sales people. If she can do it, you can learn to as well! This time it was easy. Making sales was fun and her quick path to profitability caused people to want to know her secret to success. Hint- it wasn't just because of her last name!

Alison fully understands how businesses function, what contributes to organizational success and how to help you tap into your fullest potential. With years spent in training and development in the corporate world and being a small business owner herself, you will be in good hands with the Proffit Coach!  Copyright © 2020 Alison Proffit, DBA Proffit Coach    Earnings Disclaimer*