The Keep It Soulfully Simple Entrepreneur Society (K.I.S.S.E.S.) membership group is a space for Soulful Entrepreneurs to learn, gather, grow and connect- with ourselves and each other! We believe that keeping it simple is one of the best paths to success.

There is so much noise out there and that is why in our membership we keep it simple. 


* We choose a different topic each month that aligns with our 5 pillars 


We meet on Tuesdays at 1pm MST for 60 minutes

* Week 1- Teachings - foundational knowledge on that months topic

* Week 2- Mindfulness - we will integrate mind-body practices into the months topic

* Week 3- Integration and Implementation - coaching hot seats, masterminding and check-ins on progress

* Week 4- Networking & Soulful Community Building - we facilitate networking and connection

* Week 5- On months where there are 5 Tuesdays an integration exercise will be provided to be done on your own


Sessions will not be recorded since the magic happens when you are there live. Plus we will frequently leverage breakout rooms for deeper connection & growth & session recordings don't capture the experience effectively. 


We want you to TRUST that you will never miss anything since everything unfolds exactly as it is meant to.

In case you're new here, The 5 Pillars to our Soulful Way are:

Soulful Mindset

Soulful Money & Time

Soulful Messaging

Soulful Community

Holistic Success

See you on the inside! :)