My Mission:

I help mission-driven entrepreneurs feel more soulfulness and joy in their business in terms of both WHAT they are doing and HOW they are doing it. Approaching business with joy as the leading indicator ultimately leads to more success, better connections, and higher-converting sales conversations. When we are joyful and doing business (and life) in a way that allows them to feel and sound like their most authentic self, they can impact the world and unleash a higher level of abundance in their life and business in a more soul-filling way. 

My Story:

I would love to share a little more about my journey to becoming a business owner. The path to business success is rarely a short and straight line. In fact, I am sure that everyone has a unique story to share in this regard...I hope to hear yours one day soon. If you prefer video...scroll to the bottom of the page to hear me talk about some of this story in a video interview.


Let's go back a few years...


In 2016, I decided to take the first step towards my business dreams. I had worked in HR for almost 15 years when I decided to enroll in a program to obtain a professional coaching certification. The vision at that time was to become a corporate coaching and leadership development consultant.


The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) was a program that got great reviews, I wanted to get the piece of paper so I could be considered for the corporate coaching engagements that were plentiful.


In January 2017, I graduated with my certificate but with SO MUCH MORE than that. I had huge personal and professional growth that stemmed from understanding the concepts of Energy Leadership taught by iPEC. And when I say "energy", this is not new agey, fluffy stuff. These are concrete concepts that help you recognize the unconscious and intangible thoughts that impact our actions and behavior.


I was showing up in such a new way and was creating a higher level of results than ever before.


I just knew that NOW was the time. I was getting ready to THRIVE at a level like never before.


3 weeks after my program wrapped up though...


I lost my job. Unexpectedly. There is a story behind this but that is for another day.


This totally could have been a moment to shift into survival mode but I decided to take a different approach. I thought "What is the opportunity here?" Even though this was not how I envisioned starting my business, I figured "What the hell, I guess I'll just start!".


There were so many lessons that I learned between January 2017 and January 2020. In fact, let me just highlight the path that contributed to the lessons:


  • 9 moves (3 of which were to different states)

  • 4 job losses

  • 4 failed attempts to start my business

  • 2 career changes

  • 1 severe depression

  • 1 divorce


All of that in the span of just three years. A lot of people would ask me following each of those major events and would ask "How are you so resilient?". My answer was always:


"We get to choose how we think about a situation."

Just so you know, that was not always how I responded to things in life. I used to be a pretty emotional mess when things fell apart. Falling victim to my own fears of not being good enough, sabotaging my own success and then feeling guilty for letting everyone around me down.


This was an repeating pattern in my life and affected my relationships, career and health. That was before 2017. The thing that changed was the Energy Leadership knowledge that I gained and creating a supportive network of people around me who knew that the power to create an amazing life is in our own hands ALWAYS.


Despite what happens, we can choose our response. My choice is to THRIVE. Always. Even when the road does not seem easy.


I launched Proffit Coach in October 2019 and began having great success immediately. The mission of Proffit Coach is to help heart-centered service based business owners learn how to sell in a more authentic and effective way. Shifting the sales aspect of their business from STRESSFUL to FUN so that they can make the impact in the world that they desire.


I had plans all set for how 1st quarter of 2020 was going to play out, which was the foundation for my plan for the rest of the year.


  • Launch a group program

  • Prepare for participation in Pitch competition

  • Be a badass contributor to Fort Collins Start-up Week

  • Launch WEBO Network - NoCO Chapter


Business was going to explode for me following Start-up Week because of all of the exposure and impacts I was planning on making. THRIVING was inevitable.


Well, life rarely goes to plan.


One week after Start-Up week I got really sick...it is unconfirmed if I had coronavirus but all signs point to yes but that is besides the point. The week after I was finally able to peel myself out of bed with enough energy to check my email. Everything changed. Shut downs. No networking. Business owners were scared. People were getting sick and dying. Everyone spoke of pivoting. Social distancing was not something we understood.


Many of us (myself included) resorted to a place of fear, worry and uncertainty. Trying to figure out what to do next. I was thinking about how I needed to change my business, maybe come up with a different product or service.


Then after about two weeks in desperation mode, I snapped out of it.


Our reality has shifted. We get to CHOOSE how to respond. In fact, that is the only thing we EVER have control over.


I reflected on my gifts and how I wanted to respond and contribute to the world in this new reality we are living in.


The answer is that I still want to help equip small business owners, like yourself on how to make sales in an authentic and connecting way. I didn't need to change what I offered to people.


You CAN sell even in the midst of a pandemic. It might require some twirling your business into a different direction. (Do you like my use of the world "twirl" instead of the overused "pivot"?).


In May during a call with my coach, he said "It's amazing how successful you are managing to be in spite of a pandemic!".


Of course there is a lot of uncertainty and hard sh*t happening in our world right now. Please know that I am not ignoring that but our attitude is a huge part of our success factor.


Proffit Coach continued on the path to profit. We created these results in Q2 & Q3 of 2020, despite the pandemic:


  • Co-organized Thrive 2020 NoCO Virtual Summit- an event attended by 183 biz owners, with 20 speakers on a variety of biz topics

  • Launched WEBO Network NoCO chapter- a peer advisory women business owner's organization

  • Expanded our social media reach

  • Enrolled 11 new clients into Soulful Sales Experience program

  • Enrolled 3 new 1:1 clients

  • Launched (& sold seats) to a new online course

  • Developed a virtual summit experience called the Soulful Success Summit- coming soon in 2021

  • And...we continue to grow and serve more people


These successes are not being shared to be boastful. Rather to say...our circumstances do not have to define our results. We can choose to find a way to THRIVE. It might look totally different than you planned. If you know the direction you want to go in, sometimes just taking steps will reveal the path forward for you.


I would love to hear more about your journey and support you on your path of thriving beyond 2020. Click to schedule time to chat.


You don't have to walk the path alone. Remember that nothing can stop you as long as you have faith and a fire in your heart to leave an impact on this world.

Check out the below video to hear my story. This is from the FLOW program that I am the Soulful Sales expert for.

,  Alison